Another Failure of Gun Control

Last night I reported about the murder of Jody Lynmarvin Patzner Jr., the 22 year-old gunned down on his bicycle. The police have arrested a suspect in Patzner’s murder and if the suspect is indeed the murdered this story will certainly be yet another demonstration of how futile gun control is:

The man suspected of gunning down Jody Lynmarvin Patzner Jr. in a robbery attempt on a Minneapolis street Monday night was the subject of a mental health commitment hearing three years ago after he was found carrying a pistol without a permit, according to court records.

In Minnesota you first offense for carrying a firearm without a permit is a gross misdemeanor while a second offense is a felony. Furthermore anybody who has been found mentally incompetent to stand trail is a prohibited person [PDF, Page 11]. The suspect in Patzner’s murder wasn’t charged for carrying a weapon without a permit because he was ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial:

His past includes proceedings in 2009 and 2010 in which court officials and county social workers determined he was mentally ill but not so dangerous that he should be locked up, according to records.

“The defendant is not at risk of imminent harm to self or others,” Judge Richard Hopper determined in a June 10, 2009, court order that found the man incompetent to stand trial on the weapons possession charge.

Therefore it was illegal for the suspected murder to own or carry the murder weapon. Once again gun control has failed as a person who is ineligible to own a firearm in the state of Minnesota managed to obtain a firearm in the state of Minnesota.

Whether or not the suspect is the murderer has no bearing on the fact he was able to get a gun even though the law forbid him from doing so. According to advocates gun control laws are the cure to the problem of bad people getting weapons. Every time there is a murder with a firearm the gun control advocates crawl out of their deep holes and demand a new piece of legislation be introduced, a piece of legislation they claim would have prevented the murder in the first place. Reality is not kind of gun control advocates though, as the laws they introduce to be the cure all are proven entirely ineffective. I don’t think they realize the fact that people willing to commit murder have no problem violating laws against possession of weapons.

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  1. Well if I was the family of Jody there would be a wrongful death suit in the works for letting him walk the first two times.

  2. I am jody’s cousin and he was taken way to soon. Very smart handsome man finally getting a grip on life and someone pulls the trigger and kills him over his bike. Really spend 60 bucks and by it., a lot more cheaper then us losing him and having to bury him.

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