No Good Cop Goes Unpunished

If you’re being attacked by a police officer defending yourself will likely lead to your death. What happens when a police officer tries to stop a fellow police officer from attacking an innocent person though? The defender is deemed “psychologically unfit” to be a police officer:

So why aren’t those good cops busy tasering their off-base colleagues? Or at least giving them a good thumping?

The answer, it appears is “Regina Tasca.” She’s a Bogota, New Jersey, police officer who responded to a medical call to transport an emotionally disturbed young man to the hospital. As per protocol, she called for backup. Two officers from Ridgefield arrived on the scene, and proceeded to whomp on Kyle, the guy they were supposedly helping.


Even worse, Kyle was never charged, nor arrested, for any offense. Tasca says it’s because he never threatened, did not have a weapon, and indeed never resisted and was not violent. Eventually Tasca was able to pry the punching Ridgefield Park officer off Kyle, as seen in a picture taken by the Kyle’s mother, who also later commended Tasca in a phone call.

You know what comes next, right? Yeah. After physically intervening against two violent colleagues-in-blue, Tasca’a job is at stake. She faces a departmental trial on charges that she’s “psychologically unfit” to be a police officer.

I suppose that could be true. It all depends on what you’re looking for in your police officers — and what kind of cops you’re trying to screen out.

I think the last line is telling, the cop that was actually trying to defend the innocent person is being considered “psychologically unfit” which leads one to ponder what kind of psychological profile police departments are looking for. Perhaps they want the violent bullies patrolling the streets and beating on bystanders.