The War on Dogs Comes to Minneapolis

Even Minnesota isn’t safe from the state’s war on dogs:

A north Minneapolis woman whose dog was shot 10 times and whose house was ransacked by Minneapolis police officers has sued the department, alleging that the incident earlier this year was set off after a failed police pursuit of her fugitive brother.

They shot the dog 10 times? Obviously this was a vicious uncontrolled animal that threatened the lives of all involved:

As Anderson’s husband met the officers in the front yard, the family’s 8-month-old pit bull appeared. Anderson’s husband said he would collect the dog and called for it, but the officers called out “Pit bull!” and began shooting, striking the dog in the head, legs and body and fatally injuring it, the suit said.

Or it could have been entirely harmless and was merely minding its own business, that was my second guess. At least karma his the police square in the leg:

A bullet or bullet fragment struck one of the officers in the leg, and another dog also was shot and wounded.

Serves those murdering sons of bitches right. The gun control zealots keep talking about taking guns from lawful individuals but are entirely OK with allowing costume-clad government thugs to continue having them. Last I heard the average individual wasn’t going around shooting family pets for no reason.