Another Clever Case of Using the State’s Tools Against It

Via The Firearm Blog I came across another example of a clever individual using one of the state’s tools against it. Various police states claim that gun buyback programs get illegal guns off of the street and therefore reduce crime. These programs don’t reduce crime and exist solely to use taxpayer money to sucker individuals into selling firearms for less then they’re worth. A clever individual has found a way to get some of his taxpayer money back from the demonstrable irresponsible state:

Many works from the show conflated fashion and violence, as with HG (Herm├ęs Hand Grenade) (1995) and Tiffany Glock (Model 19) (1995), both of which were models made with Hermes or Tiffany packaging.

Although these sculptures were non-functional, another piece – Hecho in Switzerland (1995) – was an actual working homemade gun. Sachs and his assistants would make similar guns and sell them back to the city as part of New York’s gun buyback program (for up to $300 each).

That’s rather brilliant. You can build a nonfunctional although convincing zip gun for almost nothing and then turn it into a gun buyback program for decent profit. Since the buyback programs don’t actually lower crime it would be wholly irresponsible to let the police continue sinking money into them, it would be doing the community a service to take that money from the unproductive wasters and distribute it to the productive providers of goods and services in the community.