But According to Gun Control Zealots Stand Your Ground Laws Legalize Murder

According to gun control zealots stand your grond laws allow anybody to murder somebody and get away with it by claiming they felt their life was in danger. Once again their claim doesn’t holdup as it appears Police investigate all shootings even if the shooter claims he felt his life was in danger:

A US man has been sentenced to four decades in prison after being found guilty of murdering his neighbour.

Raul Rodriguez, from Texas, shot teacher Kelly Danaher after an argument about a noisy party.

He had argued that a state law known as “stand your ground” allowed him to shoot the 36-year-old.


Prosecutors said that former fireman Rodriguez was the aggressor as he was carrying a gun when he went on to his neighbour’s drive and could have safely left at any time.

I left out all the mentions of the Zimmerman case because it’s irrelevant to this story and was inserted solely to get ratings on this story. Regarding this story though we can see that stand your ground laws don’t allow individual to get away with murder, they merely change the default view from one of guilt to innocence. This avoids situations like the once faced by Jay Rodney Lewis who lawfully defended himself only to be arrested and held for months (during this time he was evicted from his apartment, all his stuff was tossed out onto the street, and he was fired from his job with the Internal Revenue Service). Police will still investigate the shooting to determine whether or not your claim is truthful and if it’s not charges will be brought against you.

Once again the claims of gun control zealots have proven to be false, which is why most people ignore everything they say.