The FBI Doesn’t Want to be Politically Incorrect

How can you ensure that any crimes you’re planning won’t be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)? Make sure they’re politically incorrect:

In emails to a known terrorist, the man charged with killing 13 people in a 2009 attack at Fort Hood, Texas, expressed his support for suicide bombings and killing civilians — glaring signs that the FBI did not act on but should have, a report has claimed.

Army Maj. Nidal Hasan told a radical Islamic cleric that he advocated using suicide bombers and that he believed it was OK to kill civilians.

And the terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, a man well-known to the U.S. intelligence community, told Hasan in an email that the Army psychiatrist should keep his contact details handy.

But the agents on the FBI’s Washington anti-terrorism task force thought the issue of a Muslim soldier talking to extremists was too sensitive to bring up with the Defense Department, Rep. Michael McCaul said after he was briefed on the findings of the independent review on Wednesday.

‘It shows you the length of the political correctness stuff going on,’ he told the Associated Press.

It’s kind of ironic that the FBI demanded more and more spying powers after 9/11, claiming they needed to spy on any foreign communications for the safety of the nation, only to received them and not use them. I guess manufacturing terrorist threats is more politically correct then pursuing existing threats that the FBI has actual evidence of.

The state has to be the only entity so incompetent that they can literally be handed unconstitutional powers to spy on American citizens, actually find a possible terrorist using said powers, and fail to act on it.