Be On the Lookout for FBI Agents Distributing Eggs

The Republican National Convention (RNC) attracts people from all walks of life. You have the hardcore Republicans, the Ron Paul advocates of liberty, anti-war protesters, and even anarchists. As usual the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is trying to pin potential violence on anarchists and it looks like they have revealed their plan to incite violence:

The joint bulletin, titled “Potential For Violent or Criminal Action By Anarchist Extremists During The 2012 National Political Conventions,” says anarchist extremists likely don’t have the capability to overcome heightened security measures set up by the conventions themselves. In addition, Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said Tuesday that fences have been established around “some of the more attractive government targets.”

Instead, extremists could target nearby infrastructure, including businesses and transit systems, according to Wednesday’s bulletin.

The bulletin mentions possible violent tactics anarchist extremists could employ, including the use of molotov cocktails or acid-filled eggs.

Acid-filled eggs? Really? If that’s what the FBI is planning to distribute I’ll give them points for doing something different at least. Yet this should serve as a warning to attending protesters, if somebody dressed as an anarchist is walking around, passing out eggs, and encouraging people to throw them don’t take them up on their offer. In all likelihood that person is an FBI agents who is attempting to incite violence so his agency can swoop in and save the day from the problem they caused.