Big Brother is WWWatching You

There is a really good series on YouTube call The Rap News. The series consists of very well done videos discussing actual consequences of current news stories in a light hearted manner. Needless to say the latest video covers the surveillance state and fucking nails it:

The Internet is the last place where a truly open exchange of ideas can occur. Technology makes it too easy for the state to track down printing presses and radio transmitters so those options are no longer available. On the other hand the Internet is a global communication system where users can remain anonymous so long as they use the right tools. Yet the state continues to legislation the Internet, trying to kill it as they know it’s a threat to their power based. We must keep the Internet free of state intrusion at all costs. If we lose it we’re truly sunk because then the state will be able to have almost complete control over everything being said.

Let’s heed George Torwell’s advice.