The Real Threat

Advocates of gun control generally want to disarm “civilians” but allow military and police members to keep their firearms. Since gun control advocates always claim their crusade is done in the name of stopping violence, yet their justification and what they advocate directly conflict:

Two events this past week clearly illustrated a reality that has long been understood by firearm trainers, but is virtually unknown to the public – that most cops are really poor shots with a handgun, placing the public at great risk when they engage in shootouts with suspects, while many civilians who regularly carry guns are far less likely to hit innocent bystanders.


But how can this be? Aren’t police officers “highly trained” experts in the use of firearms? The short answer is NO. Contrary to the claims of politicians like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the fantasy world of television, where law enforcement characters spend endless hours at the gun range honing their skills, in reality most police officers go to a shooting range only ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR. And when they get there, they usually fire no more than one box of ammunition – a mere 50 rounds.

True, there are exceptions – some of my cop friends practice regularly, including participating in “combat” shooting competition. As a result, they are highly skilled, and would likely be far more effective than most of their fellow officers, should they become involved in an actual shooting confrontation. But the problem is that they are exceptions.

Compare that to civilian handgun permit holders, many of whom practice monthly, if not weekly, and firing hundreds of rounds at each session. I myself shoot approximately 75 times a year (twice a week in Summer, and at least once a week in Winter). Now, I am a professional firearm instructor, and thus not the norm, but I can attest to the fact that I often run into my students at the range, so I am by no means an anomaly.

The real threat to public safety aren’t permit holders, it’s the police. Police officers have a dangerous combination of legal immunity from consequences resulting in their poor shooting and an utter lack of training with the weapons they care everyday. Little motivation exists for police officers to improve their skill as they are seldom held responsible for any “collateral damage” they cause. Meanwhile many permit holders are gun enthusiasts who practice shooting on a regular basis and realize there are severe legal consequences to shooting innocent bystanders. Who would you trust more with a firearm?

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