It’s Good to See Somebody Cares

One of my biggest criticisms about Obama’s supporters is the hypocrisy they’re displaying this election cycle. When Obama was running for his first term he ran on an anti-war platform, which drummed up a great deal of support. Now that Obama has proven himself to be a war monger his supporters are still supporting him even though they decried Bush as a war criminal. Needless to say it warms my heart to see the anti-war movement isn’t completely dead:

DeWitt, NY — Dozens of war protesters were arrested Friday afternoon outside the main entrance of the New York Air National Guard’s base at Hancock Field.

Thirty seven protesters, draped with red-spattered sheets, had lain themselves in the main entrance roads to the base, off East Molloy Road. They were arrested by Onondaga County Sheriff’s deputies on charges of trespassing and obstruction of justice.

Good on those protesters. Somebody needs to speak out against the wanton killing being performed by the United States government.