The State’s Not So Hidden Gun

While I keep trying to point out the fact that we each live under the constant threat of the state’s gun people usually don’t see it because the state is smart enough to keep that gun concealed most of the time. Yet the fact remains that any action you take that isn’t expressly approved by a state agent will be met with the threat or us of violence against your person, even if what you’re doing has been declared legal by the state:

A Wyoming sheriff’s deputy who detained a combat veteran in handcuffs for openly carrying a pistol offered to let him go if he agreed to let another deputy draw his weapon and shoot if the veteran made any sudden moves while driving away, court records show.


Pierson, 31, of Pensacola, Fla., was carrying the pistol, which is legal in Wyoming, when he was pulled over by Deputy Corry Bassett of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

In a sworn statement this month, Bassett acknowledged he offered to release Pierson if he allowed Deputy Rob Andazola to draw his weapon and cover Pierson.

What that officer meant to say was, “You want to challenge our monopoly on carrying firearms? Well then we’re just going to have to threaten to kill you, slave.”

Even when the state removes its direct threat of violence for performing an action the state’s low level goons will still make it clear that your ability to perform that action only comes at their express permission. Carrying a gun may be legal in Wyoming but that doesn’t mean a cop won’t pull their gun on you, threaten you, and even murder you because you made a “sudden move.”