Violent Gun Control Advocates

If there is one thing I hate it’s hypocrisy. Needless to say advocates of gun control often prove themselves to be hypocrites. They preach peace and claim their mission is to remove violence from our society. What they never stop to consider is the fact that their mission requires the threat and use of state violence to ban gun ownership. Desiring to use state violence to end violence isn’t the only example of anti-gunner hypocrisy, they also have a proud tradition of issuing threats against advocates of gun rights:

After I went through 16 of the steps to register a gun earlier this year, I had to endure the 10-day waiting period to “cool off.” During that time, I received a terrifying call one evening. The stranger, whose number was blocked, left a minute-long voicemail.

“I know everything about you,” said the caller in a high-pitched voice. “I’ve been watching you. Your every step. I’m coming for you Emily.” Also, “I’m a crazy mother f–er. This is not a game. This is not for some f–ing scary f–ing movie. This is real business.” Finally the caller ended with, “Don’t you think of going to the police.”

What’s more interesting is the reaction from police officers in Washington DC:

“You should know that this might be a threat of violence,” I said pointedly. “I’ve been writing a series of articles in the newspaper about getting a gun in D.C., and some people aren’t happy about it.” That was enough to get her to call a detective to the front desk to take me seriously.

“Detective Kim” (she said her last name was hard to remember) was very thorough and helped calm me down. She told me to call Verizon and ask for them to look up the blocked number. Then Detective Kim gave me a helpful lecture on keeping safe.

She recommended only going to public places, and if I think I’m being followed, go into a store with a video camera to get the person on tape. photo. She suggested notifying neighbors to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious. She repeated several times that if I see or sense anything even slightly concerning, call 911.

Washington DC is a gun control advocate’s paradise. There is no method for denizen of that city to legally carry a firearm and simply owning a firearm is an extremely difficult proposition as Emily pointed out in her series of articles. When somebody does make a threat of violence the police can only offer false promises of protection and tell you to stay in public areas that are under surveillance (at least the police will have some evidence in your murder).

Gun control advocates claim they want less violence but offer no solution to people under the threat of violence. Their entire movement is based on the false premise that gun cause violence and that violence will disappear completely once guns have been removed from our society (apparently no violence occurred before the invention of firearms). In order to achieve their desired goals they’re willing to threaten violence against their opponents, apparently unaware of the irony of such statements.

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  1. I have read the other series about getting a gun in DC that Emily wrote and its mind boggling how stupid DC politicians are.

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