Amy Klobuchar Selling Protection

Many people claim that the state is necessary to prosecute those who have defrauded others. Of course this raises a question: who watches the watchmen? Before becoming a senator, Amy Klobuchar was an attorney for Hennepin County. During here time she was apparently selling favors. In exchange for campaign contributes Klobuchar was apparently willing to overlook a giant ponzi scheme being performed by Tom Petters:

Documents obtained by The Daily Caller show that U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar helped keep a multibillion-dollar Ponzi schemer out of prison in the late 1990s when she was the County Attorney in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

That financial criminal, Tom Petters, presided over companies whose employees gave Klobuchar $8,500 for her re-election campaign, and would later contribute more than $120,000 toward her U.S. Senate run.


Perhaps because of the lure of Petters’ campaign cash or his deep connection to Minnesota Democratic politics, Klobuchar used the power of her office in 1999 to ensure Petters was not charged with financial crimes. And despite significant evidence against him, she cleared the way for Petters to build his multibillion-dollar illegal empire by prosecuting only his early co-conspirators.

This should come as no surprise to anybody. Those attracted to the state’s power are often sociopaths and are therefore willing to grant privileges to those offering political gain. Giving any entity a monopoly on the use of violence will ultimately end with that entity abusing its power. Time and time again we hear about state thugs taking great deals of cash in exchange for legal protections.

Whether this affects Klobuchar’s election has yet to be seen although it doesn’t appear that this news is catching on so I’m doubting it.