The Futility of Gun Control

I no longer fear gun control because I recognize its futility. Firearms are relatively simple mechanical devices and home manufacturing capabilities continue to advance. An example of this advancement in home fabrication are 3D printers. Using various materials 3D printers are able to build parts from the ground up. Another person has demonstrated that commonly available 3D printers can be used to manufacture AR-15 lowers. Since lowers are the registered part of the firearm and therefore the only part you need to buy from a federally licensed firearms dealer (unless you live in a state that allows private sales such as Minnesota) you can effectively build an AR-15 that the state has no knowledge of.

Gun control advocates can push for “assault weapon” bans all they want but their efforts are entirely wasted. “Assault weapons,” like any firearm, can be manufactured with readily available tools. Because of this the only way one can even begin to enforce a prohibition against any type of firearm is to perform periodic inspections of every building in the United States (and even that won’t be effective since manufacturers will merely create hidden rooms just as people did during Prohibition to bypass alcohol control laws.

One thought on “The Futility of Gun Control”

  1. Ok as far as that goes but you’ll still be unable to posses them. You won’t be doing 3-gun competitions or etc with them. you won’t be practicing with them. You won’;t be proficient with them. Heck, taken too far, you won’t be able to carry ANYTHING to protect yourself.

    Yes, people, especially criminals, will ALWAYS find a way to satisfy the demand / market.

    The REAL effect of these laws is to hobble the law abiding without affecting the criminals they use as justification for prohibition. For the children…

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