It’s Like Stalin Never Left Russia

Most people are probably familiar with the Pussy Riot case in Russia. An all female band named Pussy Riot did a gig at a Moscow cathedral that didn’t sit well with the current Russian rulers. After what was likely a sham trial the members of Pussy Riot were found guilty of hooliganism and one of the members was sentenced to two years in a remote Siberian prison. Sentencing dissidents to Siberian prisons was a tactic often used by Joseph Stalin but the similarities between his regime and the current regime haven’t stopped there. Now the current Russian government is moving to erase all memory of Pussy Riot by blocking any website that posts the video of their act at the cathedral:

A Moscow court has ruled that websites must remove video clips of the Pussy Riot female punk band, two of whose members are in jail.

The clips include a crude anti-Kremlin song which they performed in Moscow’s main cathedral in February, for which they were convicted.

The “punk prayer” has been viewed nearly 2.4m times on YouTube.

In its ruling, the court called the clips “extremist”. Websites that fail to remove the clips may be blocked.

I wonder if the next step will be to find and remove all photographs that picture any Pussy Riot members.

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  1. I asked the Ministry of Truth about Pussy Riot. They said there was no such group in Russia, and I must be confused.

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