They’ll Fit Right In

If you’ve been paying attention to Greek politics the name Golden Dawn has likely surfaced a few times. Golden Dawn is Greece’s fascist party that has been slowly gaining political influence. A recent article on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) has revealed that Golden Dawn plans to expand into the United States:

Golden Dawn members in the United States have told CBC News they plan to open chapters shortly in Chicago, in Connecticut and in Toronto.

All I can say is that they’ll fit right in. The United States is, in a practical sense, a fascist state ruled by two fascist political parties. The marriage between private and state interests is overt, rampant nationalism is apparent, and the use of military power to expand cannot be denied. Golden Dawn should find a great deal of inspiration in this country and may be able to use the history of America’s political system to bypass many mistakes commonly made by aspirant authoritarian regimes.

2 thoughts on “They’ll Fit Right In”

  1. Yes, they will be welcomed by many here in CT… At least so long as they don’t use/avoid the word “fascist.” Really, it’s the same as how Obama and the Dems push socialism while denying any connection between it and their policies. Also, few Americans could distinguish between fascists and commies, except that one is left wing and the other right wing. Beyond that, they both:
    Deny most or all individual freedoms
    Believe in complete (or close enough to it) top-down control
    The elite few rule and are more equal than others
    Personal property is allowed only so long as it’s what they want you to own
    Any properrty and your life ultimately belong to the State, which is the sole god suitable for worship (or is the only approved conduit for such worship)

    Sure, there are differences between the two, but I’d rather spend the time preparing for their death squads and secret Staatspolizei than figuring out the subtleties. To sum up, “help us take power while you’re still a useful idiot… Then shut up, slave.”

    1. Yes, they will be welcomed by many here in CT… At least so long as they don’t use/avoid the word “fascist.”

      Since they avoid admitting that they’re a fascist party they’ll really fit in.

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