Plan OM

So far we’ve heard nothing from the National Rifle Association (NRA) other than a short blurb on their website and a promise of a news conference to be held Friday. In their absence individual state gun rights organizations and gun bloggers have been urging members of the gun rights community to mobilize. I’m sure you’ve already heard the call to write and call your senators but I don’t hold any faith in defending gun rights through political means. Even Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned, who us usually rather upbeat when it comes to gun rights, sounds concerned about our possibilities in Washington.

My assumption is that you’re not reading this blog looking for another post asking you to write some busybodies in Washington begging them to spare your right rights. Who comes to an anarchist’s gun rights blog for that? I already mentioned Plan B, setting up decentralized firearm manufacturing and cranking out verboten firearms, but some people may be unwilling or unable to participate in such an endeavor. Realizing this I offer yet another alternative; call it Plan OM for Operation Mindfuck.

For those of you unfamiliar with Discordianism Operation Mindfuck is a project meant to, as the name implies, challenge currently held assumptions by inspiring creative thought. That is to say Operation Mindfuck hopes to change the way people view the world by fucking with their heads. This lofty goal is accomplished by rather subversive means including civil disobedience, practical jokes, hoaxes, and trolling.

Plan B really is an act of civil disobedience to ensure firearms such as AR-15s can never be effectively banned. Beyond civil disobedience there is also old fashioned fucking with minds. Although I’ve not had a great deal of time to think up strategies (which is why I’m posting this project proposal on the Internet, I want input from others interesting in screwing with the gun control movement) but I have a few initial ideas. For some reasons buying some of the most prominent members of the gun control movement National Rifle Association (NRA) memberships sounds fun. I also believe some fun could be had by attending anti-gun rallies dressed up as Nazg├╗l. Inevitably somebody would ask us what we’re doing and we could make rather entertaining quips about serving the One Right; a task that requires monopolizing power, which anti-gunners do a marvelous job at. There is also the classic move of inducting proponents of gun control into the Bavarian Illuminati.

Operation Mindfuck may not accomplish anything but it serves to be a great deal of fun and is, as far as I know, an untested strategy for fighting gun control. One thing I do know is that we must be flexible and have different strategies available. Relying on the Republican Party to defend our gun rights isn’t a reliable strategy since there is no guarantee they won’t turn around and stab us in the back.

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  1. “Lord Sauron has commanded we prepare this world for his coming. Among other things, this requires that we remove any possibility of the populace even being partially able to resist his Orc hordes.”

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