You are Cordially Invited

Apparently Dianne Feinstein is looking into performing a wealth transfer from gun owners to the state:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said that she and other gun control advocates are considering a law that would create a program to purchase weapons from gun owners, a proposal that could be compulsory.

“We are also looking at a buy-back program,” Feinstein said today in a press conference. “Now, again, this is a work in progress so these are ideas in the development.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., already discussed the possibility of a buy-back law for his state, but he made clear it would be a forced buyback.

“Confiscation could be an option,” Cuomo told The New York Times yesterday when discussing semiautomatic weapons. “Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun but permit it.”

The only appropriate response to this proposal is to say “Molon labe,” which means “Come and take them.” This proposal demonstrates the problem with firearm registrations, when the state inevitably decides to confiscate firearms they know who has them and roughly how many they have. Proposals like this are why we need to start setting up decentralized firearm manufacturing capabilities. It’s obvious the state wants to disarm all non-state agents, which isn’t surprising since it exists solely by expropriating from the people, but such a goal is literally impossible if anybody who wants a gun is able to manufacture one in their own home.