It’s Over

I’m sorry to be the one to say this but when an organization built upon the idea of cars taking left turns for several hours receives a bailout there are too many special interests involved to ever fix the system:

Another entertainment industry break: $70 million for car racing, especially motor-heads who build raceways. Sorry, I mean “an extension of the 7-year cost recovery period for motorsports facilities.” I thought NASCAR was profitable.

How can one every hope to fix a system where an organization like NASCAR can become the receiver of stolen money? When so many people on the take there is no way that we’ll ever build up enough support to elect uncorrupt individuals into office. At this point the only sane option is to let the entire system collapse and build a stateless society on top of the rubble to prevent this kind of mess from happening again (at least until people lose their mind and start demanding a state again).