For the Record

Buck Yeager has a habit of saying really stupid stuff. Apparently challenging anybody who called him a coward due a duel wasn’t enough, he decided to go on YouTube and threaten civil war if new gun control laws are passed.

I’ve heard a few people in the gun rights community either voice their concern about new gun control laws sparking civil war or claiming they would spark a civil war themselves if new gun control laws are passed. For the record I just want it know that if a civil war breaks out in this country I’m going to be hearing about it from a different country. I’ll probably pick somewhere tropical since I’m getting sick and tied of dealing with winter here in Minnesota.

I am not a patriot, I have no loyalty to this country, I’m not even a fan of the Constitution. My loyalties lie with my friends and family who I plan to take with me if things turn violent. Civil wars have a nasty habit of leading to new, usually more tyrannical, states and I’m not going to help bring in a new age of tyranny.

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