Chaska Police Chief to Hold Several Public Gun Control Discussions

This is a heads up for anybody wanting to attend a gun control “discussion” for shits and giggles. Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight, a renowned advocate of disarming all non-state individuals, will be holding the first of three gun control “discussions”:

A public discussion of the causes and remedies of gun violence in America begins Tuesday, Feb. 5 as part of the ongoing series “First Tuesday Dialogues: Examining critical public issues locally and globally.”


The series then turns to a face-to-face debate between proponents and opponents of increased gun control legislation. The series then concludes with a broader overview of the problem of violence, guns, self-protection, and law, led by a professor of ethics.

There are three events scheduled:

Feb. 5: Chief Scott Knight gives factual information and a law enforcement perspective on “The Epidemic of Gun Violence in America.”

Feb. 19: A debate between a representative of the National Rifle Association and an advocate for greater gun control.

March 5: A professor of ethics leads a discussion of the various ethical perspectives by which people of faith and good conscience approach the conundrum of violence, liberty, and the role of law in society.

Mr. Knight is almost certainly going to use the first event as a pulpit to advocate for more gun control. I’m not sure what the other two debates will amount to but they will likely end up being used as platforms to advocate for more gun control as well. If you’re bored or feel your presence can actually sway people to oppose gun control feel free to head to these events.

All three events will be held at the Shepherd of the Hill Presbyterian Church in Chaska, Minnesota. A map to the location can be found here and the Facebook event page can be found here.