Comments Regarding Obama’s Visit to Minneapolis

Mr. Obama visited Minneapolis on Monday to promote his scheme to disarm us serfs. The event was predictable as the video shows Obama standing at the podium giving his speech while members of Minnesota’s largest gang stand behind him in solidarity. Several highlights form the story merit some mention:

“You’ve shown that progress is possible,” Obama told an invited, sympathetic crowd at the Minneapolis Police Department’s Special Operations Center in north Minneapolis, where he highlighted the city’s success in reducing youth gun violence. In his first visit outside Washington, D.C., to promote his own anti-violence and gun-control agenda, Obama said the nation can make similar progress — if the public demands it.

By progress Obama means disarming the serfs. I would say that a majority of non-state gun control advocates truly believe they are working to prevent violence but the state supports gun control for an entirely different reason. The state, which can be considered the nobility, wants the serfs disarmed because disarmed individuals are easier to expropriate from. You can only take so much from the serfs until they have to make a decision between dying of starvation or disobeying the law. Once the serfs get to that point they inevitably decide to disobey the law and that usually leads to the nobility being booted out of power (sadly they are usually replaced with a new nobility). If the serfs are disarmed the time it takes them to reach the point of disobeying the law is increased as the cost of booting the current nobility out of power is greatly increased. This delay allows the nobility to kick the can down the street and, they hope, enrich themselves by expropriating fromt he serfs while making their successors deal with the consequences.

Obama was correct, Minneapolis has made progress. Unfortunately for us serfs that progress his detrimental to our health.

“The only way we can reduce gun violence in this country is if the American people decide it’s important,” Obama said. “We’re not going to wait until the next Newtown, or the next Aurora,” he added, referring to the massacre of schoolchildren in Connecticut and the gunman who shot up a theater full of moviegoers in Colorado.

Actually there is another, far more effective, way to reduce gun violence in the United States; end the war on drugs. The state’s war on drugs that haven’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration has caused a major increase in violent crime (just as Prohibition did in the 1920s). Organized crime syndicates such as the Mexican drug cartels and the United States federal government have been using violence to eliminate their competition since the war on drugs was first declared. Ending the war on drugs would reduce gun violence, likely more than any other action. Once again we return to the fact that the state doesn’t care about violence, it only wants a disarmed populace to expropriate wealth from.

Meanwhile, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak expressed outrage at politicians who already were talking down the proposal’s chances. “Well, guess what?” Rybak said. “People are dying out there. I am not satisfied with the main sort of front from the people in Washington, that this is sort of a game. Where are the other people on this issue? Get a spine, get a backbone. People are losing their lives.”

Rybak was correct, people are dying out there, and his thugs in the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) are killing them. We return again to the increase in violence crime caused by the war on drugs. The MPD has a rather colorful history of using its capacity for violence to steal from the serfs. In neighboring St. Paul the city’s police went so far as to kill a family’s dog, handcuff the present children and throw them down next to the dead dog, and interrogate the parents in the hopes of finding some justification for raiding the wrong address. Obviously Rybak isn’t serious about reducing gun violence in Minneapolis, he just wants the MPD to have a monopoly on it.

Since Obama was present a pro-Obama shill was brought in to argue in his favor:

John Souter, the sole survivor of Minneapolis’ Accent Signage shootings last September, said of Obama: “If we don’t have the moral courage to support the president of the United States, shame on us.” Souter, an Accent employee, was in the private session with Obama.

If we don’t have the moral courage to oppose a man who orders the execute of children, shame on us.

One of the most interesting aspects of Obama’s visit is that he supposedly came to Minneapolis because of the MPD’s progress in reducing gun violence. Yet the reduction in gun violence wasn’t credited to passing draconian gun control laws, it was credited to police directly interacting with youth:

Obama’s speech, before risers filled with Twin Cities police officers and sheriff’s deputies, focused on a city effort sparked by a spike in juvenile crime a decade ago. Known as the Blueprint for Action, it involved connecting young people with mentors, intervening in kids’ lives when necessary and getting students to “unlearn the culture of violence.” A progress report showed firearms-related assault injuries among youth had fallen from 159 in 2005 to 94 in 2011.

In other words Obama wants you to support gun control because the MPD’s programs of directly intervening with Minneapolis youth has correlated with a reduction in youth gun violence. How supporting gun control and the MPD’s program of directly intervening with Minneapolis youth are connection is beyond me.

In conclusion Obama’s visit went exactly as expected. The visit served no real purpose other than demonstrating that gun control isn’t about violence, it’s about control.