Safe Mountain Biking May Require a Permit in Minnesota

The state seems to have it out for every one of my hobbies. Between guns, the Internet, and lasers I’m finding the things I enjoy running up against the state’s tyranny at regular intervals. Yesterday at the Minnesota State Capitol there was a hearing on HF0308, which would require an individual to acquire a permit before purchasing body armor. How does a regulation applying to body armor affect any of my hobbies? Read the vague definition of body armor used in the bill:

(b) “Body armor” means a personal protective body covering, worn alone or as a complement to another product or garment, that is designed and made of any material or combination of materials to prevent, resist, deflect, or deter the penetration of the material by a dangerous weapon.

Because I don’t enjoy being injured I wear protective gear on my head, arms, and legs when I go mountain biking. My forearm and elbows are covered by a piece of armor as are my knees and shins. Those pieces of armor are made from a material designed to “prevent, resist, deflect, or deter the penetration of the material by a dangerous weapon.” You’d find yourself having a very hard time getting a knife through those pieces of armor. Considering the purpose of the armor is to prevent sharp objects from penetrating my arms and legs when I fall it makes sense that they would also protect against dangerous weapons. If this legislation were to pass, and I actually gave two shits what the law said, I would be required to pay $100.00 every five years to acquire a permit that would allow me to wear my mountain biking armor without it being considered a gross misdemeanor. Fortunately I don’t care what the law says so I’d merely be a criminal mountain biker, which sounds bad ass enough that it has to get my chicks (If my girlfriend is reading this I just want her to know I’m joking).

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  1. Motor cross armor is definitely knife proof if not very small arms proof, same with the usually kevlar reinforced leathers that street bikers wear. Hell safety glasses are rated to stop penetration by low speed ballistic objects and would be one hell of a thing to stab through.

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