What Happens When You Call 911 in Chicago

What Happens When You Call 911 in Chicago? Nothing:

With aldermen bracing for the political fallout, Chicago is implementing a dramatic change in 911 dispatch to free the equivalent of 44 police officers a day to respond to the most serious crimes.

As of Sunday, police officers are no longer responding in person to reports of a vehicle theft, garage burglary, or crime where the victim is “safe, secure and not in need of medical attention” and the offender is “not on the scene and not expected to return immediately.”

Instead, those 911 calls are being transferred to the Chicago Police Department’s Alternate Response Section, staffed by officers on light duty. Police reports will be taken over the phone. If necessary, evidence technicians will be assigned later.

The best part about this is determining whether a victim is “safe, secure, and not in need of medical attention,” is at the sole discretion of the 911 operator. This, above anything else, should demonstrate the fact that police do not exist for your protection, they exist as expropriators for the state. I’m sure the Chicago Police Department (CPD) will still find the manpower to write citations, issue permits, and confiscate property from individuals who the CPD claim may be involved in a drug crime. Oh, and denizens of Chicago will still be expected to pay their taxes to fund the CPD.