Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Although Rand Paul has received a great deal of criticism from me I must give credit where credit is due. Of all the suits currently occupying Capitol Hill Rand is the only one who has actively opposed an appointment due to the appointee’s stand on torture and drone usage:

A conservative US senator has delayed the nomination of a new CIA chief over questions about the possible use of drones against Americans.

By early evening, Senator Rand Paul had moved into his eighth hour of delaying the vote by standing and speaking without pause, known as a filibuster.


Sen Paul says he will end the filibuster when the White House or Attorney General Eric Holder say that drones would not be used in the US to kill terrorism suspects who are citizens.

In all likelihood Rand will keel over before either Holder or Obama publicly state they will not use drones to kill United States citizens. Either way it’s a valiant effort and deserves praise for doing it.