Eric Holder Believes Swartz’s Case was a Good Use of Judicial Discretion

Eric holder believes that demanding jail time to justify charges that were based on a document, not a crime, was a good use of judicial discretion:

Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday said the suicide death of internet activist Aaron Swartz was a “tragedy,” but the hacking case against the 26-year-old was “a good use of prosecutorial discretion.”

Holder, the nation’s top prosecutor, is the highest-ranking member of the President Barack Obama administration to defend the indictment and prosecution of the former director of Demand Progress, who committed suicide in January as his April trial approached. Holder’s comments come seven weeks after Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, whose office was prosecuting Swartz, said the authorities’ actions were “appropriate in bringing and handling this case.

This isn’t surprising to hear from a man who believe it’s legal to murder United States citizens in the United States without due process. Still, you would think the man could show at least a little remorse for ruining a man’s life just to prop up a dying industry for a short while longer. Instead he came out and said his boys did a bang up job and that the ends (protecting the state’s cronies) justified the means (terrorizing a man and ruining his life).