Insuring the Future

Insurance has become one of the go to tools for statists. When they want to control a market they begin making regulations regarding insurance. In Minnesota you are required to hold insurance in order to operate a motor vehicle, the federal government has mandated that every American acquire health insurance or face a fine, and gun control advocates are pushing to require all gun owners acquire insurance:

A group of congressional Democrats has signed on to new legislation that would mandate liability insurance for all gun owners in the United States — and fine those who refuse to purchase it as much as $10,000.

The Daily Caller reports that New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s Firearm Risk Protection Act says that all gun buyers — before they buy — purchase and show proof of “a qualified liability insurance policy,” and that those caught owning a weapon without the insurance are subject to harsh fines.

I’m sure the “qualified liability insurance” policies would cost an arm and a leg by design. It amazes me how many different avenues gun control advocates will try just to control what other can legally possess. Since they were unable to get outright bans on certain firearms and firearm accessories they have moved to erecting barriers between prospective gun owners and legal gun ownership. This move also reveals just how much gun control is about control. Mandating gun owners buy insurance does nothing to reduce gun violence. One can’t even fabricate a link between mandating insurance and reducing violence.