New Contender for Dumbest Gun Control Statement

Once in a great while a new person steps up to the plate to challenge Carolyn McCarthy’s “I believe it is a shoulder thing that goes up.” response for dumbest gun control statement. Let me introduce you to Diana DeGette, a politician from Colorado. She has decided to take it upon herself to fill the large shoes left by McCarthy. She started off her challenge to McCarthy by stating that magazines are ammunition:

While participating in a public forum on gun control hosted by the Denver Post Tuesday, Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Col., said that the number of magazines will decrease over time as shooters fire bullets, CNS News reported.

“What’s the efficacy of banning these magazine clips? I will tell you, these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those now, they’re going to shoot them,” she said.

She went on to say that “the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will be shot and there won’t be any more available.”

Either nobody informed her that magazines can be reloaded or she’s trolling the living shit out of the shooting community. I would prefer to give her the benefit of the doubt and go with the latter but I’m fairly certain it’s the former. DeGette wasn’t satisfied with just one moronic statement though, she double down:

During a public forum on gun control hosted by the Denver Post Tuesday night, Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Col., mocked a senior citizen who wondered how he was supposed to defend himself under the state’s new gun laws, Jim Hoft reported at the Gateway Pundit.

The audio was not very clear, but the man can be heard talking about being at a disadvantage when facing an armed criminal.

“The good news for you, you live in Denver. The Denver PD would be there within minutes,” she said to laughter.

“You’d probably be dead anyway,” she added, smirking.

I think she may have taken the title from McCarthy. While stating that a barrel shroud is a “shoulder thing that goes up.” is pretty dumb it’s still little more than a lack of technical knowledge. DeGette not only demonstrated a lack of technical knowledge but she also told a elderly gentleman that his life wasn’t worth protecting. In all likelihood DeGette assumed that the gentleman was retired and therefore no longer profitable to the state, which makes him worthless in the eyes of politicians. Still, most politicians at least have the good taste not to publicly say such things. In three sentences DeGette was able to tell the man that he doesn’t need a firearm because he has the police and the police aren’t going to save him so he’ll be dead anyways.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a politicians say “Shut up slave.” so insensitively. DeGette is going to be a politician to watch in the coming months.

2 thoughts on “New Contender for Dumbest Gun Control Statement”

  1. Are Colorado Democrats chronically stupid? First there’s the call-box guy who says women don’t know when they are going to be raped, then the guy who suggests carrying a ball-point pen for self-defense. Now this dumbass. Good grief.

    1. I’m seriously wondering if there is a competition for dumbest gun control statement going on behind the scenes. The shit coming out of gun controller’s mouths, especially in Colorado, is almost mind blowing. It’s hard for me to accept that there are people that are honestly that stupid.

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