Dianne Feinstein Went (More) Insane

Speaking of gun control advocates going insane, Dianne Feinstein went on one hell of a tear during the Senate debate over the various gun control amendments:

The California Democrat was in full fury, spilling a stream of outrage beyond the mere two minutes allowed on her amendment to gun legislation that was crafted in response to the massacre of 20 schoolchildren and six adults in Newtown, Conn., four months ago.

Her California colleague and fellow Democrat, Sen. Barbara Boxer, shouted for order so that Feinstein could be heard in the evening round of votes that left efforts to stem the availability of guns in shreds.

“We have had enough of the development of highly militarized weapons, easy to shoot, big clips, 100-plus bullets in each large-velocity gun, falling into the hands of grievance killers, juveniles, people mentally disturbed,” Feinstein said.

Wow. She actually became so enraged that she started babbling nonsense. Highly militarized weapons? Big clips? Large velocity guns? It’s obviously that she has personalized this issue so much that she can’t even feign being impartial. Further adding to her nonsensical statements she said:

“We’re here on six-year terms for a reason, to take votes on difficult issues,” Feinstein said. “Everything needs 60 votes today. This is supposed to be a majority body. We have crafted an assault weapons bill to really represent the people of America. Every single poll has shown support for this.”

Every single poll showed that Americans, by in large, supporting banning semi-automatic rifles? Somehow I doubt that. Even if a majority of Americans do support banning semi-automatic rifles, so what? As far as I’m concerned the state can ban whatever it wants because I’m not going to comply and I know many gun owners who will join me in giving the state the middle finger. She continued on:

“I know how this is going to end,” Feinstein said. “The despair and the dismay of families standing out there whose safety we need to protect, and we don’t do it,” she said, as some families of the victims of Newtown and other mass killings watched from the gallery.

This is probably the most nonsensical statement she made. She claims that it is the job of the Senate to protect families after she spent two minutes discussing how she wants to bring the state’s capacity for violence against every family that possesses a semi-automatic rifle. That’s akin to somebody stealing their neighbors assets and claiming that he wants to protect his neighbor’s home from burglars.

I think it’s time for Feinstein to take a break. The stress of being in the Senate is obviously getting to her and she’s beginning to show signs of a mental breakdown. I’m not surprised. According to Wikipedia she’s 79 years old. Of those 79 years she spent 10 as mayor of San Fransisco (and we know the descendants of Emperor Norton are the rightful heirs for the San Fransisco kingdom) and for the last 21 years she has been in the Senate. Wasting that many years in the political system will give anybody mental issues. Imagine if you literally wasted 31 years of your life threatening innocent people with state violence. Could you live with yourself? Would you be able to maintain your sanity? I don’t think most people could do either. Honestly, I almost feel sorry for the woman. She’s 79, has done nothing of value with her life, and have only a few short years remaining.