Magpul is a Company of Its Word

When the gun control debate was raging in Colorado Magpul said they would leave the state if the bills passed. After the Colorado legislature passed the bills in question Magpul said they had begun moving their operations out of Colorado. As it turns out Magpul is a company of its word:

On Tuesday morning, the company provided a little more detail about what it was doing in a second reply to Wooldridge’s query. It specifically referenced the manufacture of its sights and PMAG ammunition magazines, which, according to its website, can hold 10 to 30 rounds.

“We have started making PMAGs outside CO for the first time ever,” the posting reads. “The sights are made outside CO. We are actively moving forward with moving other items out.”

I like companies that actually keep their word. When I can actually find Magpul magazines on the shelves again I’m going to make it a point to buy a few.