Another Example of the State’s Priorities

Although I try to point out that the primary purpose of the police is to expropriate wealth from the general population people continue to think that their duty is to protect and serve. You may have heard that Stockholm is experiencing some difficulties as of late. The people are pissed and have decided to let their aggression show by rioting. During times of civil unrest you would expect the police to get into their armor and pull out their fancy tanks to protect the areas threatened by rioters. Instead the police of Stockholm have chosen a different strategy:

Since last Sunday, May 19, rioters have taken to the streets of Stockholm’s suburbs every night, torching cars, schools, stores, office buildings and residential complexes. Yesterday, a police station in Rågsved, a suburb four kilometers south of Stockholm, was attacked and set on fire.

But while the Stockholm riots keep spreading and intensifying, Swedish police have adopted a tactic of non-interference. ”Our ambition is really to do as little as possible,” Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving explained to the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Tuesday.


Swedish parking laws, however, continue to be rigidly enforced despite the increasingly chaotic situation. Early Wednesday, while documenting the destruction after a night of rioting in the Stockholm suburb of Alby, a reporter from Fria Tider observed a parking enforcement officer writing a ticket for a burnt-out Ford.

The police won’t protect property threatened roaming rioters but they will issue parking tickets for vehicles that have been destroyed by rioters. Expropriation is the name of the state’s game.