Kokesh Cancels is March on Washington DC

Remember the armed marching on Washington DC being planned by Adam Kokesh? He copped out:

The activist who threatened to lead an armed march on Washington on July 4 has canceled the event but is urging people to converge on the 50 state capitols to protest gun regulations, according to his recent appearance on an Internet talk show.

“Please don’t come to Washington, D.C. Appeal on a state level,” Adam Kokesh, an Iraq war veteran, said in an interview Tuesday on “The Pete Santilli Show.” “We shouldn’t be begging the government to change. We should be hoping they respect our rights.”

I’m sort of shocked. Kokesh left himself an excellent trapdoor by saying the event wouldn’t happen if enough people didn’t sign up. I guess he wasn’t expecting 1,000 people to actually say they were attending. Oh well, it would have been interesting to see what would have happened as the event date approached but now we’ll never know (on the upside we do know that Kokesh isn’t one to deliver on his word).