Magazines for a Good Cause

Magpul is selling special edition magazines to fund its lawsuit against the State of Colorado for its new prohibition against standard capacity magazines:

To raise money for their fight against the new laws in Colorado which are forcing them to leave the state, Magpul is selling a special limited edition PMAG. The magazine is identical to their black GEN M2 PMAG other than a slight change to the ribbing and the addition of the Free Colorado logo and Magpul anniversary logo. They are being sold in packs of five for $64.75.

There are two special edition magazines. One of the magazines is stamped with “Boulder Airlift” while the other is stamped with “Free Colorado.” At the time of this writing the “Boulder Airlift” magazines were out of stock but the “Free Colorado” magazines showed as being in stock and Magpul’s website allowed me to put in an order (although it took several attempts as their website appeared to be getting hammered, which I hope is good news for their magazine sales).

I’m starting to think that Magpul is conspiring to gain my love an affection. First they produce the best magazines I can find for my LR-308, then they keep their word and abandon Colorado after the state’s government passed a prohibition against standard capacity magazines, and now they are raising money for their lawsuit by selling a product I actually want. If Magpul still has some magazines in stock put in an order. The worst that will happen is you’ll received some magazines, the best that will happen is Magpul’s lawsuit will lift Colorado’s prohibition and you’ll have some magazines.