The NSA’s Data Prevented Nothing

Now that the American people know that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on them since, at least, 2007 the state is scrambling to justify their actions in the hopes of quelling the people’s anger. According the the Director of the NSA, the data collected through the agency’s widespread spying operation has thwarted dozens of terror attacks:

Intelligence officials have insisted agents do not listen in on Americans’ telephone conversations. And they maintain the internet communications surveillance programme, reportedly code-named Prism, targeted only non-Americans located outside of the US.

Meanwhile, they have defended the programmes as vital national security tools.

“It’s dozens of terrorist events that these have helped prevent,” Gen Alexander said on Wednesday at a hearing of the US Senate intelligence committee.

Of course this claim is utter bullshit. Why do I say that? Because the state is always quick to brag about the terror plots it has supposedly foiled. Whenever they stop a supposed terrorist they trot him out for the world to see and give the agents involved in stopping the plot metals of accommodations. The state can’t help but jack itself off publicly to every one of its successes. After all, it needs to demonstrated to the American people why they need the government.

If the NSA had foiled any terror plots using their rampant spying operation they would have bragged loudly and proudly about it. The fact that we haven’t heard a peep from the NSA indicates that they haven’t accomplished jack shit. Also, let me emphasize:

Gen Alexander said intelligence officials were “trying to be transparent” about the programmes and would brief the Senate intelligence committee behind closed doors before any other information became public.