Eris is Calling on Gun Owners with Android Devices

Fellow gun owners, the goddess of chaos, Eris, is calling on all of us with Android devices. Advocates of gun control have released an app titled Gun Geo Marker. The app was created with the intent of marking the locations of gun owners for unknown reasons (although vigilante justice against gun owners is a likely reason). Eris asks us to spread discord by fill the Gun Geo Marker database with information. Andrew, who brought this app to my attention via Facebook, gave the excellent suggestion of marking every police station. I would suggest marking every public spot since it’s likely a person with a concealed firearm has entered those locations at one time or another. If the homes of various gun control advocates managed to find their way into the Gun Geo Marker database the goddess Eris would be pleased.

Now go forth wonderful agents of chaos and do the goddess’s work!