Five Reasons to Abandon Politics

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you know that I’ve moved away from the political means to attain my goals. Instead of begging politicians and destroying my soul by working within the political machinery I’ve decided to rely on civil disobedience and agorism. Oftentimes people still working within the political machinery ask why I can’t participate in politics and perform acts of civil disobedience and participate in agorism. Well, here are five good reasons:

  • It eats up a horrifying amount of time and energy
  • It’s an addiction
  • It doesn’t change anything
  • In the end, it’s about violence
  • Politics is a relic of a barbaric past

Details about each reason are provided at the link but suffice it to say each reason is an inescapable reality of participating in politics. If I still participated in politics I wouldn’t have time to perform acts of civil disobedience or participate in agorism. When I did involve myself in the political system I was constantly bombarded with demands to phone bank, drop literature, march in parades, attend meetings, donate money to candidates, and other activities I refused to do. Every campaign wanted my time and money and, in the end, they failed to change anything. Some of the candidates won, some of them lost, but the country is still a shit hole.

I don’t believe civil disobedience and agorism are strategies guaranteed to win but they are fun to do and radically different, which is necessary because their alternative, politics, has failed to achieve anything other than tyranny since its inception. When one strategy has failed miserably the need to do something radically different arises.

One thought on “Five Reasons to Abandon Politics”

  1. Like the article. Exactly how I feel to be honest. Especially after conditionally seeing a class divide lengthen during Fall of last year where everyone felt heated and wanted to debate. It is definitely barbaric, it is equivalent to one monkey throwing poo, and then an all out poo fight happening—It’s as bad as the Trayvon case with race-baiting.

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