Fixing the Roads Without Government

Every time I talk to a statist about anti-statism they always end up falling back on the pathetic question, “Without government who will build the roads?” Seriously, there’s an organized crime ring going around the world bombing the shit out of brown people and the only thing these statists are worried about are the God damned roads. You know, the roads filled with craters that never get filled in because the Department of Transportation is too busy ripping up several perfectly good highways (if you live in Minnesota you know what I’m talking about)?

But here I am to tell all the statists out there that their precious roads will be just fine without the state. In fact the roads may be better because without the state to punish people who are filling in potholes we may actually have a qualify transportation infrastructure:

A man dubbed the “pothole Robin Hood” is under police investigation for taking asphalt from the city of Jackson, Miss., and filling in potholes on city streets.

Ron Chane admits that he takes the asphalt and repairs potholes, and then signs the filled-in holes with the message “citizen fixed,” he told ABC News.

“It’s sort of like Robin Hood. Once we saw that people were appreciating what we did, we went out again and made a goal of fixing 100 potholes. We’ve actually filled 101 potholes, so our mission has been completed,” Chane said.

Yup, somebody is actually working to maintain the infrastructure everybody relies on and the police are investigating him because he took asphalt, which his tax dollars paid for, from the crooks who weren’t using it. Statism: throwing logic out the door since inception.