Rules are for Thee, Not for Me

Here’s another entry into the rules are for thee, not for me. The governor of Iowa was clocked at 84 miles per hour. If you were I were to exceed the arbitrarily created speed limit in such a fashion we would face a very large fine and possibly have our automobile confiscated. Things turn out a little differently when you’re a high ranking member of the political elite:

Special Agent in Charge Larry Hedlund observed the SUV of Governor Terry Branstad going nearly 90 MPH on the highway. He was in a state owned vehicle, but called for an on-duty officer to pursue. Another officer clocked the SUV at 84 MPH, but didn’t pull them over once he saw that another trooper was driving.

Hedlund complained to superiors about the incident and how it could have endangered public safety. Soon after, Hedlund was put on paid leave for an alleged rules violation, that being the use of a state-owned vehicle while off duty.

Hedlund was just fired after a two and a half month investigation this week. He was part of the Iowa police for 25 years. Hedlund says that the firing definitely had nothing to do with the alleged rules violation and was absolutely about calling for a pursuit of the Governor.

For those of you working for the state’s enforcement arm let this be a lesson; if you even think about crossing your masters you will be put down. It would also be wise for those of us in the serf class to ignore the wrongdoings of our manor lords because reporting their shenanigans will likely result in us being kidnapped and held in a cage.

Remember, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.