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I really do enjoy the people who continue to say that United States isn’t a police state. You have to admire somebody who can perform such blatant acts of cognitive dissonance without instantly suffering from a mental breakdown. After all, nothing says not a police state like having a quarter of your population arrested:

We’ve heard a lot of talk lately about mass incarceration, the stop-and-frisk policies in New York, reforming the drug laws, and mandatory minimum sentencing. There’s also been discussion about over-criminalization — that we have too many laws, too broadly enforced — from groups as ideologically diverse as the Heritage Foundation, the ACLU, the Cato Institute, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

But here’s a related statistic that’s pretty mind blowing in and of itself: According to the FBI, in 2011 there were 3991.1 arrests for every 100,000 people living in America. That means over the course of a single year, one in 25 Americans was arrested.

While that statistic doesn’t tell the whole story, as each arrest of the same person is counted separately in the raw numbers, it does tell a frightening one nonetheless. The fact that there have been, on average, 399.1 arrests for every 100,000 people is insane. If such a statistic doesn’t prove that this country has too many laws on the books I don’t know what can.

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  1. THEY have turned Freedom into a relative thing.

    THEY: Obama and his people, are the scourge of the Earth. They BELIEVE that the Constitution and The Bill of Rights are merely “Quaint Documents” that no longer apply to the America They want to create. They no longer even refer to it as “America” … They call it the “Homeland” and Their enforcers are the Department of “Homeland” Security … As if we are JUST another nation like Germany with it’s “Fatherland” or Russia with it’s “Motherland”… a simple psychological ploy to render our image of ourselves as something less than we are.

    THEY: This Military-Industrial-Political Cabal has a Lethal agenda that goes far deeper than DHS and it is undeniable that the foundation for what Obama is now doing WAS in fact laid in the four years prior to his so-called election.

    They did, in fact, rig the elections in order to place their “mouthpiece” in the office of the Presidency. From a very young age, They have inspired, groomed and directed him, going before him with great power and influence, sweeping aside his rivals, destroying his enemies and clearing his path, first to the Senate and then to the Presidency.

    Something wicked is coming on the wind and it feels a lot like civil war. In what is perhaps NOT the most egregious instance, Obama recently signed a veritable battery of new proclamations from the Oval Office, designed to circumvent the congressional defeat of his Gun Control agenda. You Need To Read about it here:

    It is now widely understood that DHS has, indeed, been placing billion dollar orders with every North American ammunition manufacturer and blocking foreign ammunition imports in a concerted effort to actually cut off the ammunition supply to all American gun owners… No Conspiracy Theory here…It’s a cut-your-nards-off Fact. We are witnessing the final stages of an attempted coup.

    Not so widely reported is the collateral fact that They are also ordering up all the spare parts for virtually every weapon capable of being used effectively on the battlefield.

    You can ORDER anything you want, but just try to Actually GET anything in the way of critical spare parts for any weapon you own and you will find that resistance is futile. They aren’t “just” watching us but are preparing for War and They are attempting to disarm the intended enemy … ALL OF US.

    This isn’t the kind of thing that one attempts unless there is a damned good reason for it, if only because, even with more money than God, that kind of effort can’t really be sustained for much more than a year… less than that if they get caught at it. On this, the IRS, DOJ, FBI, EPA and all the other so called “scandals…They are in the process of “getting caught”.

    They have Something in mind.

    IT’S SOMETHING THEY INTEND TO DO NOW (they have already gutted the Constitution with the Patriot Act and the NDAA) … something long ago planned (they’ve already taken the schools) … and something that is Now Imminent.
    SOMETHING, in repayment for which, they expect us to rise up and slay them.

    The truth is that we have Tyranny in the White House, fascist subversives in congress, arrogant traitors and pathological sycophants in DHS, IRS, EPA and all of the other alphabet agencies.

    The camps, whether you choose to see them or not, are already in place and the NSA’s Fusion Centers feed them intelligence about YOU. Blackwater’s shadow Op’s are alive and well and ON OUR STREETS … You can actually SEE them in the Boston Bombing footage and you really MUST learn to believe your own eyes.

    They are not different in any respect than the Gestapo as it existed in 1933. The only substantive difference is that this time they have technology and not only the Jews, but we and our way of life are the specific targets.

    In the end, these people will kill millions of us and Make No Mistake; We are at War … and either We will win or They will win. There is NO grey area and NO compromise.

    As the “Progressive” mouthpiece in the White House denigrates, and pillages our Nation, They are now actively preparing for War and what we are witnessing in all of the so-called scandals are actually a series of “trial balloons” intended to define what They can and cannot get away with outside the envelope of Covert Operations.

    These are not stupid people and they would like to set precedents that cede to them by fiat, the absolute power to circumvent the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as and when they see fit.

    Like poking a Tiger with a stick, they are attempting to provoke the so-called “Tea Party”, the true nature of which they misrepresent, into armed revolt. This is their immediate intent and now, unfortunately they will not be denied … It’s gone much too far and Truth would have it that Civil War is now an inevitable consequence of a rogue government that will not succumb to restraint in any other way. It has become only a question of time and the proper triggering event.

    Just about every one of us over 50 is a veteran and grew up in America more or less “as it was intended to be”.

    “WE” … This select group of OLD PEOPLE, together with their immediate families, CONSTITUTES THE ENTIRE TEA PARTY … which has no other natural members.

    The Tea Party has no structure and no one speaks for it. It is an irresistible, natural force for good, (the remnant of what we once were) an armed force that will only appear when the need is greatest.

    “WE” … old beyond years, scarred from being shot, bayoneted, burned and blown up in service to the finest nation ever to grace the face of the Earth, still constitute the greatest armed force in opposition to tyranny that has ever existed. Obama and those who control him KNOW this to be true … and it terrifies them.

    “WE” … EACH KNOW what it is to actually “BE AN AMERICAN”… “Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverend” … you know; “Truth, Justice and the American Way”… more compassionate and principled than anyone else on the planet.

    “WE” … HAVE EACH SWORN AN OATH to protect and defend the Nation and the Constitution from ALL enemies foreign and domestic and we are the only ones with the knowledge, training and experience to do so.

    “WE” … Remember the Truth of it because WE STILL LIVE IN IT and IT STILL LIVES IN US.

    Unfortunately, that cannot be said for younger people, nor for our current crop of politicians, NOT ONE OF WHOM EVER LIVED in an America free of socialism, revisionist history and institutionalized government sedition.

    Even if, by some miracle, we manage to impeach the creature in the White House, we will still need to hunt down and deal with the other creatures in high places and foreign countries who structured and set the patriot act and the NDAA in place, along with all of those who prepared HIS path and shoe-horned his butt into the White House.

    Only through public trials and the subsequent imposition of unthinkable consequences can we assure that this THING never, ever happens again.

    Now that the scourge is within and upon us, you can be sure that when They come, AND THEY WILL COME, they will attempt to remove us first.

    On a brighter note; Once again, the government is guilty of gross over-spending … They have ordered and taken delivery of 4 Million coffins. More than a million of them won’t even be used … since there are only 2.7 Million of Them and something in excess of 40 million of “We”.

    Since 1776, the price for our nation’s welfare has been paid in blood and death and anguish and every single man fallen in war expects us to honor the oath we took when “We” were too young to understand what it really meant … whatever the cost.

    War, although necessary at times, is a truly terrible endeavor (you really can’t imagine it) and so, although we will not start it, like the man said; “we will, in our righteous might” sure as Hell finish it .

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