Standard Weapons and Tactics

Denizens of the United States are very familiar with Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams. At one point in our history SWAT teams, true to their name, were special forces that were called in when a situation required more firepower and training than standard police officers had. Today SWAT teams of used for everything breaking up unapproved poker games to evicting squatters:

OAKLAND, Calif. — There were some tense moments Thursday morning as a SWAT team stormed an apartment building in Oakland to evict squatters who had been living there for months without paying rent.

At this point I believe the term Special Weapons and Tactics should be changed to Standard Weapons and Tactics. The regular police force has been mitigated to issuing speeding tickets and serving parking citations. Everything else is now the job of the heavily armed and armored SWAT teams.