AgoraFest 2013

As some of you have probably guessed, I’ve been rather busy with side projects as of late. While I apologize for the lower than usual number of posts I am happy to reveal one of the projects I’ve been involved with: AgoraFest 2013.

It may surprise many people to hear that Minnesota, especially the Twin Cities, has a thriving anarchist communit. Some of Minnesota’s anarchists are socialist, some are capitalists (Yeah, yeah. Anarcho-capitalists aren’t “real” anarchists. Whatever. I don’t give a shit), and some of us are agorists. Those of us who have gone the agorist way have been looking for a way to promote agorism to, hopefully, give people who have become disenfranchised with the political means an alternative way to fight for freedom.

I’ve taken it upon myself to give several presentations on computer security. Keeping with the spirit of things I have dubbed these tracks the crypto-anarchy tracks. In addition to my presentation there will be presentation on starting agorist businesses, making fermented foods, and a presentation by our keynote speakers: Catherine Bleish and John Bush. If you don’t know Catherine she has the honor of being on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of evil terrorists. John Bush writes about anti-statism on websites such as the Foundation for a Free Society. We’re honored as heck to have both of them. And in addition to the currently scheduled events the floor is open to anybody who wants to give a presentation.

When is this gathering of freedom lovers? September 20th through the 22nd. Where will it be? You’ll have to sign up to find out. How can you get an invite code to sign up? E-mail me and we can talk. Due to the fact that this is our first year (and hopefully not our last) we’re trying to keep attendance at a certain level. To ensure people interested in agorism have a guaranteed ticket we’re giving priority to those who are known within the local agorist community.

Please note that if you want to attend to promote some political bullshit we’ll probably have you hang out in the violent speech zone. This isn’t a political event, it’s an anti-political event. AgoraFest is for people interested in taking direct action against statism by participating in mutually beneficial, voluntary interactions with your fellow human being.