Never Call the Police

A lesson that bears repeating time and time again is that you should never call the police. Why? Because police forces are heavily populated with psychopaths who will make matters worse more often than not. Take this example. A woman called the police to investigate a car she and her roommate suspected was stolen. What did the police do when they arrive? Shot her dog, of course:

JONES COUNTY, GA — A woman says that her ten-month old puppy was shot in the head after asking officers not to shoot it — twice.

On September 22, Anna “Chrissy” Music-Peed, of Macon, GA, drove to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department to request an officer come to and investigate a vehicle that had been brought to her property by an acquaintance, that both she and her roommate strongly suspected to have been stolen. Music told that it was a Nissan Xterra from Virginia Beach, VA. As Music wrote in a blog post, “I will not have that influence around my family,” saying she was trying to do the right thing by making a report. The acquaintance was still on the property and Music had not let on that she had gone to talk to the police.

Modern policing in the United States looks more like Judge Dredd than Andy Griffith. It seems as though one cannot call the police without somebody or something getting shot as a result. I believe part of this is due to the fact that police officers are seldom held accountable for misdeeds. Hell, in Minneapolis there have been 439 complaints filed against its police department and not a single disciplinary action has come of it. You can see how such an environment would attract psychopaths looking for a way to hurt people without getting punished.