Government Shutdown Part VII

My trip around Cedar Lake brought me to the neighborhood that borders the west bank. I’m sure it was a nice place to live at one time but now it looks like Berlin at the end of World War II. Bodies were scattered all over streets and lawns. Several of the bodies belonged to gang members, which meant the killbots were likely operating in the area. I hoped that they had swept through the area and continued moving west. If any killbots lingered my survival would be unlikely. My careful movements through the neighborhood came at a cost: it was now night and I was nowhere near Minneapolis.

I came across a home that wasn’t too badly damaged and decided to let myself in. The door was already kicked in so I didn’t need to make use of my lockpicks. As I entered the home I tried to remain silent. My efforts were hampered by the crunch of broken glass that littered the floor. Nobody seemed to take notice though and I continued my sweep of the house. After I was sure nobody else was inside I chose a bedroom in the basement, shut the door, barricaded it with furniture, and fell down on the bed. In the silence I thought I could hear screaming in the distance but I may have been hearing things. Perhaps I would find some government in the morning.