Australia Shows Us How a Police State is Done

Listen up. Our friends down under are showing us how a police state is done. So far the United States government hasn’t sunk to the level of prohibiting people from staying in their homes when an “important” event full of “important” people is taking place in the vicinity. But now that Australia has paved the way I’m sure the United States government will be quick to jump on the bandwagon (after all, if there’s one thing the United States hates it’s being out police stated by another police state):

MASS criminal background checks will be used to find and remove potential troublemakers living near G20 summit venues in Queensland, the state government says.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey says people living inside special security zones in Brisbane and Cairns will be barred from their homes and given up to $200 to stay elsewhere if they are identified as a risk by federal authorities.

The G20 bill, passed by the state parliament late on Tuesday, approved payments covering accommodation for those with a criminal background, plus their dependents.

We’ve witnessed similar behavior recently. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun a more widespread program of performing background checks on passengers before they even arrive at the airport. But we haven’t seen a case of the feds performing background checks of people living near an “important” event and kicking any potential troublemakers out of their homes. What we have seen is a propensity for police states to implement the polices of other police states. When Britain, for example, implements a new draconian law the United States has a tendency to pass a similar law. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise anybody if a law passes in the future that prohibits potential troublemakers from living in their homes if “important” people stop by the neighborhood.

Descendants of the British Empire and current members of the Commonwealth of Nations seem determined to turn George Orwell’s 1984 into a nonfiction title.

2 thoughts on “Australia Shows Us How a Police State is Done”

  1. Are you sure about that? Wasn’t there some stink when the RNC was held in Minneapolis where the police like pre-arrested dissidents to avoid having to deal with them at the event? Maybe I Am mistaken, but I vaguely remember that. USA is #1 we won’t be out police stated by our allies!

    1. They did arrest a bunch of people they suspected of being dissidents but, as far as I know, they never went through the hassle of kicking people who lived near the RNC out of their homes and left them on the street. Granted, there’s no difference between the two acts.

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