Hennepin County Judge Tells Slaves to Shut Up

If you live in Minnesota then you’re aware of the fact that use tax victims have been entered into a dial with the Minnesota Vikings to pay for a new stadium. It’s a pretty sweet deal for the billionaire owner, Zygi Wilf, but a terrible deal for the rest of us. Hell, the people of Minnesota didn’t even get to vote on the matter. This fact was recently challenged in court and, as expected, the judge told the plaintiffs to shut the fuck up and bow down to the glory of their politically well connected masters:

A legal challenge that called for Minneapolis residents to vote on the Vikings stadium subsidy was dismissed today by Hennepin County Judge Philip Bush.

The challenge had been brought in August by Doug Mann, who was one of the 35 candidates running for Minneapolis mayor. He came in 10th last week in the race won by Betsy Hodges.

The decision makes sense. If you let the people who will be forced to pay for a new gladiatorial arena vote on whether or not they actually want to pay for that arena they may decide not to. Therefore it’s far better for the rulers to make the “right” decision and force us to comply with it.

2 thoughts on “Hennepin County Judge Tells Slaves to Shut Up”

  1. That sounds like way too much democracy for you to handle. If a vote might actually changes things or allow the masses a say then it can’t be allowed. Only meaningless votes between 2 false choices can be allowed.

    1. True. As we learned with the Minneapolis mayoral race, we can’t have too much democracy.

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