True Patriotism Must be Forced

Do you love your country? Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio does. In fact he loves his country so much that he’s punishing all nonbelievers in his prisons:

Arpaio said he has implemented an American flag campaign in his jails.

Each cell is getting a sticker of an American flag. Any inmate who vandalizes the flag will be punished with the restricted diet.

In keeping with the patriotic theme, Arpaio has ordered that the playing of God Bless America and the National Anthem be done daily in every jail facility over the public address system and for all the inmates, regardless of national origin, to hear and sing-a-long.

Nothing says America like being kidnapped and caged for possessing a plant, being given a flag that represents the country that caged you for possessing a plant, and being punished for not treating the flag that represents the country that caged you for possessing a plant with love and affection.

In fact, Joe Arpaio is being an unpatriotic pussy communist. God Bless America? The National Anthem? Those songs don’t represent America. This song represents America:

Seriously though, Joe Arpaio is an asshole.

One thought on “True Patriotism Must be Forced”

  1. I live in his county. He’s done some good stuff, but much of that is overridden by the massive lawsuits about civil rights violations and deaths while in his custody.

    AND, he just won’t shut his mouth, which gets him in the most trouble!


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