Politicians Should Give Stock Options to Volunteers

Have you ever been approached to work on a political campaign? I’m guessing a notable percentage of those of you reading this post have. What form of compensation was offered? Probably nothing.

Political campaigns are always looking for volunteer labor. They want people to work on phone banks, do door knocking, march in parades, work booths at local fairs, stuff envelopes, and other menial tasks. If a volunteer asks to be compensated for his or her time they usually receive one of several excuses. The most popular excuse is that the campaign needs every penny in order to get its politician elected. That may be true but in many cases a surplus of campaign funds exist after the election. Furthermore, most politicians receive a salary if they’re elected.

This raises a question. Why don’t campaigns offer volunteers a form of stock option? Politicians could offer to use part of their salary to compensate their volunteers if they are elected? Why don’t campaigns offer to divide any surplus funds amongst volunteers after an election concludes?

I’ll tell you why. Politicians are interested in expropriating wealth. In other words they’re thieves. And any good thief knows you don’t pay for something that you can steal.

Consider this the next time you’re approached to work on a campaign. The politician, if elected, will likely receive an excellent salary and benefits package. Meanwhile you will receive nothing. In fact you will receive less than nothing when you consider the amount of time and money (because politicians, being thieves, also ask you to donate money to their campaign in addition to your time) you sunk into the campaign. Don’t be a sucker. Demand the campaign grant you stock options paid out of surplus campaign funds and the politician’s salary if he or she is elected.