Everybody is Sick of Obama

I try not to focus too much on individual politicians unless they’ve done something especially egregious. It wouldn’t matter to me who occupied the White House, I would oppose that person. But I find it amusing how Obama has gone from the beloved celebrity to an irritant in the eyes of the public. This continuously dwindling public imagine isn’t surprising considering the number of scandals that has befallen his administration. From Fast and Furious to the ongoing National Security Agency (NSA) fiasco we have seen Obama receive and ever growing slew of negative publicity. What makes this downfall even more entertaining is the constant attempts by Obama to divert peoples’ attention.

Obama met with the higher ups of several major technology companies. During this meeting the representatives of the technology companies had to prevent Obama from diverting the meeting topic from the NSA fiasco to the Healthcare.gov fiasco:

The top leaders from the world’s biggest technology companies pressed their case for reform of the National Security Agency’s controversial surveillance operations at a meeting with President Obama on Tuesday, resisting attempts by the White House to portray the encounter as a wide-ranging discussion of broader priorities.

Senior executives from the companies whose bosses were present at the meeting said they were determined to keep the discussion focused on the NSA, despite the White House declaring in advance that it would focus on ways of improving the functionality of the troubled health insurance website, healthcare.gov, among other matters.

I have no love for the leaders of the present technology companies either. From my point of view most of them are merely lower level oligarchs in the great state/industry marriage. But it’s entertaining to watch the lower tier oligarchs rebel against the upper tier oligarchs. The NSA fiasco has cause users to question most major technology companies, which threatens profits. If there’s one thing the lower oligarchs won’t stand for it’s the potential to lose profits. Such a threat is enough to get them to become restless and even go against the desires of higher oligarchs. In this instance the lower oligarchs weren’t willing to let the upper oligarchs sweep the NSA fiasco under the table.