Getting Away with Murder

It’s easy to get away with murder in this country. Doing so only requires you to acquire a badge and a state sanctioned costume. Once you’ve done that you can go around beating people to death without worrying about consequences:

An Orange County jury Monday found two former Fullerton police officers accused of killing a schizophrenic homeless man, Kelly Thomas, not guilty.

Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were charged with striking Kelly Thomas with a baton and a stun gun in a beating that left him comatose. He died five days later.

What makes this decision especially heinous is that the evidence of police brutality is concrete. Here is the video of the police beating Mr. Thomas to death without any provocation (obviously the video is violent):

One might be asked what defense could possibly exist for an act of brutality such as this. Well the defense, like the video, was sick:

Ramos’ attorney, John Barnett, told reporters: “These peace officers were doing their jobs…they did what they were trained to do.”

The defense attorney was being truthful, the officers were doing their jobs as they were trained to. Threatening and inflicting violence to instill obedience is how officers are trained to deal with situations. If an officer commands you to do something and you fail to do so you can almost guarantee that you would be beaten, Tased, shot, or otherwise aggressed against. This is one of the biggest problems with modern policing.

I honestly don’t have words to describe my opinion of those officers or the jurors who gave them a free pass. This ruling demonstrates everything that is wrong with America’s “justice” system. Although I try to avoid using derogatory labels I cannot help by bring myself to use one now. Those officers are fucking pigs. They are examples of the worst humanity has to offer. Savagely beating a homeless schizophrenic man to death because he was unwilling to put his god damned feet in the command position takes a true psychopath. I only hope that the jurors came to their decision because they were being threatened behind the scenes. Based on what I’ve seen in today’s “justice” system I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. And if that was the reason for their decision I understand and do not fault them. On the other hand, if that wasn’t the reason for their decision I can only assume the jury was made up of some truly sick individuals.

Fuck everything about this case.