Monday Metal: Inmate 4859 by Sabaton

We’re doing Sabaton again. The new album, Heroes, was released last month and when Sabaton releases a new album that usually means I have to crack open some history books. Most of the band’s lyrics are based off of historical wars and event and one of the songs that I really took a liking to is Inmate 4859. I wasn’t exactly sure what the song was referencing so I had to look it up.

It’s about an event from the life of Witold Pilecki, a man who was one bad ass Polish soldier from World War II. He volunteered for an operation that involved him receiving a fake identity so he could be arrested by the Germans so he could be taken to Auschwitz. During the time of this operation not much was known about Auschwitz and this operation was meant to correct that. Another goal of the operation was to create instability inside the camp by raising a prisoner fighting force.

The song is excellent and the history makes for a fascinating read: